5 Tips for Keeping Your Nursing Scrubs in Good Shape

5 Tips for Keeping Your Nursing Scrubs in Good Shape

Without mincing words, we cannot overlook the essence of clean scrubs. Putting your Nursing scrubs in good shape is very important.

Many Nurses fail to understand that failure to disinfect their scrubs can attract unwanted germs or infections. Before embarking on your next shift, it is advisable to disinfect because prevention is better than cure. 

At this point, we are going to expatriate on various ways to care for your scrubs, to be on the safer side. 


  1. Before putting on your scrubs, try to carry out pre-treatment on your scrubs.

It is essential to carry out pre-treatment on your scrubs before utilizing it for the first time. Try to rinse them thoroughly in chilled water with half a cup of vinegar to reaffirm the color of the scrubs and to prevent them from fading. 

The truth is that if you follow this particular process,  your scrub will sustain the test of time and keep the colors of your scrub intact. 


  1. Reserve your scrubs for work alone.

The most suitable thing is to reserve your scrubs for work alone. To ensure cleanliness, saving the scrubs for work alone, will help you achieve what you want. 

Do not use your scrubs outside your workplace, make use of air cover bags to hide your scrubs, and avoid contamination.

It is a pity that some people before or after closing from work, still wear their scrubs, thereby exposing them to infections. Avoid putting on your scrubs during daily activities outside your work. 


  1. Are you ready to wash your scrubs? Don’t treat them like just any other garment.

The truth is that your scrubs deserve special treatment. Because scrubs require more effective disinfecting than normal garments, it is essential to give your scrubs the VIP treatment and don’t mix it.

We cannot deny the fact that wearing neat scrubs every shift is the best action ever. It is advisable to have over one scrub. 

Make sure you use a stain remover to remove any visible stains. It will be the greatest mistake to leave the stain on the scrub without removing it. 


  1. Run through two wash process.

It is important to engage your scrub in two cycles. Do not allow your scrubs to rub against each other, that is why it is essential to turn all the scrubs inside out.

Try to set the load size to a bigger size, even when it is originally small. Scrubs operate in larger spaces.

Follow these questions for the two-way cycles.

1.Is there any stain after the first washing? Make sure you remove it and ensure that the stain remover is very close to you. 

  1. Are you through with the first round?
  2. Are you ready to carry out the disinfecting process?
  3. Do you know that 3 to 4 cups of color-safe bleach dispenser will be enough?
  4. Do you know that a mixture of both cold and hot water can ensure thorough washing?
  5. Do you know that you need to sundry your scrubs for a minimum of 30 minutes?

All evidence pointed at two-way cycles as the best practices. 


  1. Use a hot iron to press your scrubs after coming out of the dryer.

It is essential to package your scrubs by pressing with a hot iron. You need to live up to standard and set a good example in the workplace. Do not use any other bags that are not plastic bags. A plastic bag is the best to place your scrubs 


Finally,  having highlighted the process of caring for your scrubs, make sure it is clean and try to follow the above methods strictly.

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