Natty Nurse of the Month – Bernice Boore

Natty Nurse of the Month – Bernice Boore

Bernice Boore, a nurse from Reading has won the inaugural South East Royal College of Nursing Black History Month ‘Making a Difference Award’.

60,000 members were invited across the region to pick colleagues who had really made a difference.

The award forms part of the region’s celebration of Black History Month in October.

Cess Wigley, Black History Month Lead Coordinator in the region, said: “We are delighted to be able to recognize the work that Bernice has done and to shine a light on her achievements.

“They have nominated her for her outstanding work during COVID-19 when she supported the renal team who were severely affected by COVID.

“She helped to establish kidney dialysis both in intensive care and on a day ward to create different pathways for patients with and without COVID.

Bernice in her words:

“Thank you to Angela Clarke, Renal Matron, and the whole renal team, Jessica Higson, Director of Nursing Networked Care and the entire team, and the entire Royal Berkshire Hospital for recognizing my hard work.

Bernice also appreciated both her family and loved ones for their support.



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