Natty Nurse of the Month – Bernice Boore 

Bernice Boore, a nurse from Reading has won the inaugural South East Royal College of Nursing Black History Month ‘Making a Difference Award’. 60,000 members were invited across the region to pick colleagues who had really made a difference. The award forms part of the region’s celebration of Black History Month in October. Cess Wigley, Black […]

Natty Nurse of the Month – Isobel Corrie 

Reports reveal that a graduate of nursing, Isobel Corrie who put her life at risk to save a man's life in the course of a flight from Thailand has been nominated for the Nurse of the Year Award.  She saved James Birch, who suffered from cardiac arrest mid-air when she was planning to commence her […]

Natty Nurse of the Month – July 

Roselind Bruce-Vanderpuije is a FUN, FIESTY, FASHIONABLE, AND FABULOUS Registered Nurse (RN) who has served in her community as a Registered Nurse for the past seven years. Upon entering college with a mission and passion to give back to her community, she wrestled between being a RN or Math Teacher. She always had a passion […]

Natty Nurse of the Month

Natty Nurse of the Month – Christianne Calderon 

Our Natty Nurse of the Month is one of the brave nurses on the frontline fighting the corona virus - Christianne Calderon. Christianne Calderon is also a mother who works in a hospital in Manhattan. Across the front one of her well-worn mask, she has written the word “warrior” — in recognition of the battle […]

Natty Nurse of the Month – Celestine Jean 

The founder and CEO of Scrub Addict™, Celestine Jean was born in Nassau, Bahamas. After a brief stop in Freeport, she and her family moved to Miami, Florida in 1993. The daughter of a hard-working single mother, Jean grew up understanding the meaning and benefits of a diligent work ethic. Even with a grueling work […]

Natty Nurse of the Month – Preston 

Our Natty Nurse of the month is Preston Gabay, who has been a nurse for 10 years. Preston has worked in Cardiac Intensive Care for the past 7 years, and recently forayed into the world of management. He is currently a Clinical Nurse Manager in Med-Surg Stepdown, and slowly finding his way. According to him, […]

Natty Nurse of the Month – Tina Johnson 

Tina Johnson is a Mom, Nurse, First aid Instructor & a new spa owner. She has been a nurse for the past 5 years, worked as a nursing assistant, medical assistant for 10 years before going back to school for nursing. She is currently working per diem as a Psych/Detox unit nurse. Fabulous firstaid was her […]

Natty Nurse of the Month – Amy 

Amy works in the Cardiac ICU where she spends 12-14 hours of her day committing to a very rewarding passion she would never take for granted.

Natty Nurse of the Month – Amanda Gariola 

I became a nurse in 2015 after graduating from Penn State. I knew I wanted to become a nurse from a very young age because my mom and all three of her sisters are nurses.

Natty Nurse of the Month – Lj Cruz 

Lj Cruz is our Natty Nurse of the month! Lj stands for Lovely Joy. She graduated from Manila with a Bachelors in Nursing and Associate in Liberal Arts. She has 12 years experience as a nurse; she started in Med Surg down to float pool then cardiac telemetry, now cardiac ICU. According to her, "I […]

Natty Nurse of the Month – Lecille 

Say hello to our Natty Nurse of the month - Lecille! Lecille graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with her Bachelors in Nursing in 2012 and has been a nurse ever since. Her journey as a nurse began in Medical-Surgical, then Cardiothoracic ICU, PACU, and now presently in Cardiac ICU. She has found a strong interest […]