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Highest Paying Nursing Jobs  

Nursing is a noble profession. It's a calling to assist people and their families during sickness. For others, it's the promise of an in-demand career and financial wellness. For most nurses, however, it's cut across all.  Few nurses take on such a demanding profession for a singular reason, especially when the ladder up captures long […]

Just Became A Nurse? Here is How to Stop Feeling Like An Impostor  

 Having prepared to come out victorious in those exams, surviving the NCLEX, and pushing it through on-the-job training, Imposter Syndrome still hits close to home for many graduates.  We’ll be analyzing what it is, who is affected by it, and how to overcome the syndrome.   Meaning of Imposter Syndrome? Imposter syndrome is a constant, […]

Habits of confident nurses  

Are you thinking of how to be confident regularly, even when you are not in the mood to feel confident? Being confident regularly is no simple task, especially when you’re still very fresh in the system as a nurse. The fact is nurses who are always confident, excel at what they do. Listed below are […]

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse – 32

COVID is almost out of NYC and we are nearing the end of this crisis and possibly the beginning of the next surge.  I have never been so exhausted and scared to be a nurse for the last few months as; I’m sure all you know.  It is time for a change, the change I […]

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse – 31

The day I was leaving I just cried, when I got on the plane I cried, and when I landed in New York I put on my brave face.  Going into work the next day was a nightmare.  Getting on the bus was free, facemasks were mandatory to get into the hospital and morning huddle […]

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse – 30

Oh No! That is not what happened.  I don’t think I would ever be crazy enough to be naked with a sword in hand in front of some crazy unpredictable white lady.  This is what really happened… I sat up in bed when I heard all the loud noise and he woke up with me.  […]

Money Matters

Nurses, Take the Headache out of Diversifying your Investments

Diversifying sounds difficult, possibly even impossible.   It’s not.   With the right steps, anyone can diversify their portfolio either on their own or using a robo-advisor. Say goodbye to high commissions and/or risky portfolios. Implement diversifying into your investment strategy and you’ll achieve financial freedom faster and easier.   Diversifying your Investments – What […]

Student Loans – How Nurses can Pay them off Quickly

Nurses graduate with a larger amount of student debt than the average college student by as much as $15,000. Average college students have around $35,000 in student debt, whereas nurses have as much as $50,000 in student debt.   While it seems like a huge number for a profession that’s all about helping people, nurses […]

Savings and Retirement Funds – How much do Nurses Need?

You work hard in the hospital or at your doctor’s office. You make a decent living, but how do you allocate your funds? Do you have proper savings set aside? Have you thought about retirement? Nurses need to think of these things just as much as everyone else. It’s time to explore your options for […]



All the states of the USA are worth visiting. But if you are a nature and adventure lover and don't want to go to places with huge crowds, plan a visit to the USA's Alaska state. With awe-inspiring natural beauty, massive ice-age glaciers, and abundant wildlife, Alaska is a place like nowhere on earth. Alaska […]

Travel to Ethiopia – a Nurse’s Healing Grounds of Happy Hospitable People

  Source: timbuktutravel.imgix.net Ethiopia is a wonder in itself; an incredible rustic rich country located in the horn of Africa. It’s one of the most extraordinary places to visit in Africa if you want to get a flabbergast feeling of how amazing the people and places are of this beautiful country.    Surprisingly, the map […]

Hawaii for nurses

A Travel Guide to Hawaii for Nurses

Nurses are the front line heroes fighting in this crucial time of pandemic for all of us. They have been risking their lives to save ours. Once the pandemic is over, the nurses worldwide need an amazing vacation for tirelessly fighting coronavirus globally.  There are plenty of places to consider when planning your next vacation. […]