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Becoming a Great Nurse Leader During Pandemic  

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more demands, uncertainty, and stress among health practitioners, which take a toll on individual status and well-being.    Leadership actions are essential to protect and elevate the psychological well-being of the nursing terrain. Nurse leaders have to help minimize the dangerous effects of our struggle against this unprecedented pandemic.  […]

How to Make More Money as a Travel Nurse  

As a travel nurse, if you’re fresh to the system, it’s pertinent that you identify some behind-the-scenes factors that can influence your pay — let's have a look at how to maximize your income to make the most money as a travel nurse.   The difference between a travel nurse and staff nurse pay   […]

Useful Tips for Preventing PPE-Related Skin Damage  

Do you know that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is important for safeguarding healthcare workers at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic? However, with longer use of PPE, appears skin damage.   Based on research by the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, 97% of staff doing work in two diverse COVID-19 units reported PPE-related skin […]

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse – 32

COVID is almost out of NYC and we are nearing the end of this crisis and possibly the beginning of the next surge.  I have never been so exhausted and scared to be a nurse for the last few months as; I’m sure all you know.  It is time for a change, the change I […]

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse – 31

The day I was leaving I just cried, when I got on the plane I cried, and when I landed in New York I put on my brave face.  Going into work the next day was a nightmare.  Getting on the bus was free, facemasks were mandatory to get into the hospital and morning huddle […]

Memoirs of a Traveling Nurse – 30

Oh No! That is not what happened.  I don’t think I would ever be crazy enough to be naked with a sword in hand in front of some crazy unpredictable white lady.  This is what really happened… I sat up in bed when I heard all the loud noise and he woke up with me.  […]

Money Matters

The Best Bank Accounts Everyone Should Have

When you’re working a lot of hours, it’s easy to just stuff your paycheck in your regular checking account. You’re losing money if you do this.   Checking accounts rarely pay interest and if you’re working overtime, or recently got a promotion, you could be losing money by letting your money sit in your checking […]

Holiday Budgeting on a Nurse’s Salary

The holidays will be here before we know it and with it comes a lot of expenses. Gifts, entertainment (if there is any), decorations, and cards quickly eat up your budget. Americans spend an average of $942 on gifts alone, but once you add in decorations, entertainment, food, and cards, you could be looking at […]

Nurses, Take the Headache out of Diversifying your Investments

Diversifying sounds difficult, possibly even impossible.   It’s not.   With the right steps, anyone can diversify their portfolio either on their own or using a robo-advisor. Say goodbye to high commissions and/or risky portfolios. Implement diversifying into your investment strategy and you’ll achieve financial freedom faster and easier.   Diversifying your Investments – What […]


Istanbul: Travel Guide for Nurses

Are you a nurse fighting COVID-19 with all your might? As a nurse, you have been an essential worker in the health department. Without you, the structure of society would have had crumbled under the pressure of the pandemic. And understandably, bearing the responsibility of your nation must be extremely exhausting. Therefore, once the pandemic […]


All the states of the USA are worth visiting. But if you are a nature and adventure lover and don't want to go to places with huge crowds, plan a visit to the USA's Alaska state. With awe-inspiring natural beauty, massive ice-age glaciers, and abundant wildlife, Alaska is a place like nowhere on earth. Alaska […]

Travel to Ethiopia – a Nurse’s Healing Grounds of Happy Hospitable People

  Source: timbuktutravel.imgix.net Ethiopia is a wonder in itself; an incredible rustic rich country located in the horn of Africa. It’s one of the most extraordinary places to visit in Africa if you want to get a flabbergast feeling of how amazing the people and places are of this beautiful country.    Surprisingly, the map […]