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Used facemasks and bandanas: How the CDC is warning hospitals to prepare for coronavirus shortages

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Before Natty Nurses, whenever I shop online I always shop from at least 2 stores because there is no store out there tailored for nurses as a one-stop shop.

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We have to look good every now and then too, who says I cannot save lives while looking good? I am a slay king and a life saver, and I cannot be both these things without the help of Natty Nurses

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Just Became A Nurse? Here is How to Stop Feeling Like An Impostor 

 Having prepared to come out victorious in those exams, surviving the NCLEX, and pushing it through on-the-job training, Imposter Syndrome still hits close to home for many graduates.  We’ll be analyzing what it is, who is affected by it, and how to overcome the syndrome.   Meaning of Imposter Syndrome? Imposter syndrome is a constant, […]

Highest Paying Nursing Jobs 

Nursing is a noble profession. It's a calling to assist people and their families during sickness. For others, it's the promise of an in-demand career and financial wellness. For most nurses, however, it's cut across all.  Few nurses take on such a demanding profession for a singular reason, especially when the ladder up captures long […]

Habits of confident nurses 

Are you thinking of how to be confident regularly, even when you are not in the mood to feel confident? Being confident regularly is no simple task, especially when you’re still very fresh in the system as a nurse. The fact is nurses who are always confident, excel at what they do. Listed below are […]

Body language every nurse should know 

Did you know that non-verbal cues are one of the effective forms of communication you need to know as a nurse? Communication isn't only about the spoken or written word, it also involves the non-verbal words which include body language. Did you know that when you inspect the postures of others, you also become more […]


Natty Nurse of the Month – Bernice Boore 

Bernice Boore, a nurse from Reading has won the inaugural South East Royal College of Nursing Black History Month ‘Making a Difference Award’. 60,000 members were invited across the region to pick colleagues who had really made a difference. The award forms part of the region’s celebration of Black History Month in October. Cess Wigley, Black […]

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