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Used facemasks and bandanas: How the CDC is warning hospitals to prepare for coronavirus shortages

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Before Natty Nurses, whenever I shop online I always shop from at least 2 stores because there is no store out there tailored for nurses as a one-stop shop.

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We have to look good every now and then too, who says I cannot save lives while looking good? I am a slay king and a life saver, and I cannot be both these things without the help of Natty Nurses

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Discover how to deliver quality CPR 

Do you know that effective and detailed chest compressions are the most essential part of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)?  High-quality CPR cuts across rescuers being aware of how to give effective chest compressions to a victim to improve the opportunity of a successful outcome.  If I may ask, how can you give high-quality chest compressions to […]

Discover these Work-at-Home Nursing Jobs 

Without mincing words, there are work-at-home Nursing jobs that are available. The beauty of work at home Nursing jobs is the flexibility that is attached to it. Many fail to tap into the potentials because of their ignorance of some of these opportunities. Let's have a look at some of these work-at-home Nursing jobs.  Working […]

Istanbul: Travel Guide for Nurses 

Are you a nurse fighting COVID-19 with all your might? As a nurse, you have been an essential worker in the health department. Without you, the structure of society would have had crumbled under the pressure of the pandemic. And understandably, bearing the responsibility of your nation must be extremely exhausting. Therefore, once the pandemic […]

Teamwork tips for nurses 

Without disputing facts, team teamwork is an essential point of healthcare delivery. By working in oneness, nursing teams can drive better patient results, ensure patient satisfaction, and minimize safety risks for all.    The truth is that achieving teamwork when it comes to the nursing profession requires certain tactics. Discover some tips for encouraging teamwork […]


Natty Nurse of the Month – Bernice Boore 

Bernice Boore, a nurse from Reading has won the inaugural South East Royal College of Nursing Black History Month ‘Making a Difference Award’. 60,000 members were invited across the region to pick colleagues who had really made a difference. The award forms part of the region’s celebration of Black History Month in October. Cess Wigley, Black […]

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