10 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses in the World

Where are the highest paying countries for nurses in the world? Nursing entails caring for people, families, and communities. Responsibilities include acute treatment choices and school immunizations. If you are looking at working outside your current location, you want a country that pays nurses well. This post will introduce you to ten of the highest paying countries for nurses in the world. 

Top 10 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

We will cover the 10 highest-paying countries for nurses in the world. Kindly note that each nation requires a work visa. 


A registered nurse in America may expect a median annual compensation of $73,600. This is equivalent to an average hourly wage of $36.36, a weekly pay of $1,500, and a monthly pay of $5,100. When compared to the median hourly wage of $24.34, this pay is significantly high. 

The average yearly compensation for a nurse practitioner is $102,600, with California paying the highest. Hawaii, DC, and MA also provide competitive salaries. South Dakota has the lowest median household income of any State in the United States at $67,000.


The government recognizes a number of nursing specializations, including nurse practitioners, licensed psychiatric nurses, occupational nurses, and public health nurses. In Canada, RNs earn an average of $50,000 per year ($35 per hour). The starting salary for recent college grads is $45,000 ($23/hr), rising to $30.3/hr over time. Regular overtime compensation is 1.5 times the normal hourly wage.


The average annual salary of a nurse practitioner in Australia is $55,000. A variety of variables can affect a nurse’s income, including location, level of experience, level of education, area of expertise, employer, union membership, and so on. Nurses in Australia who supply their services in less populated areas often earn more money than their counterparts in the country's largest cities.


Healthcare in Norway is managed by a federation of four authorities, one each in the country's southern, southwestern, central, and northern areas. The Directorate of Health and Welfare Affairs must provide official authorization to all healthcare providers. An approved nurse in Oslo may expect to make about 360,000kr ($46,629) per year, as the Norwegian State Board of Nursing reports. After 6 years, this increases to 405,000kr ($47,600); after 10 years, it reaches a maximum of 433,600kr ($61,000). Being able to speak the Norwegian language is a prerequisite for employment in any sector of the Norwegian healthcare system.


The Irish Midwives and Nurses Organization reports that after many years in the field, a staff nurse may expect to earn an average of €45,000 ($46,000). A permanent nursing position can provide you with an average of 39 hours of work every week. Financial assistance is provided to nurses so that they may enroll in graduate-level courses. With this assistance, they can grow on the job.


Switzerland suffers a dearth of nurses, and with a potential payment of $261,442, the country is ideal for international nurses seeking employment. The Swiss, however, are very particular about foreigners entering the country for the purpose of employment. Because of this, the process of acquiring a nursing license is quite strenuous for foreign nurses.


Yet another of the Scandinavian nations. To get a license to practice, nurses encounter stricter procedures than their Norwegian counterparts. The nurse must demonstrate fluency in the language and familiarity with local customs. They have to do this by passing exams and completing coursework similar to those required of native speakers.


Nurses in the United Kingdom can get by nicely on the national average income because of the high cost of living there. As a result of the worldwide nursing shortage, the United Kingdom is also a major center for finding nursing work.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, next to Australia. The average pay for private sector workers is about $36,000 per year, which reflects the area's high standard of living. New Zealand nurses may expect a good wage, with the initial pay starting at $32,000 and rising to $47,00 with experience.


Located in Western Europe, Luxembourg is a small nation bordered by Germany, Belgium, and France. Being one of the smaller independent states in the world, it is well known as a tax haven. Neither its economy nor the wage it offers nurses are proportional to its small size, which is an exciting fact. Starting pay for nurses in Luxembourg is at $50,000, rising to $126,000 with experience and education. Unfortunately, the small size of the nation makes it quite challenging to get work there.


The locations above are the ten highest paying countries for nurses in the world. Do you know of any other country where nurses enjoy high remuneration? Feel free to share in the comments.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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