10 Reasons To Choose Nursing As A Career

If you are someone who cares about people and is always interested in their well-being, then you might want to choose nursing as a career. There is a lot one needs to know about becoming a nurse before jumping to choose it as a career path. We will reveal all of that in this article. 

Reasons To Choose Nursing as a Career

Here are ten good reasons why you should choose Nursing as a career.

1. Quick Workforce Entrance

Lots of nursing degrees allow you to enter the workforce quickly. You can earn money as a nurse after graduating from an accredited two-year associate program even while you are pursuing a bachelor's degree.

2. High Level of Job Satisfaction

There are key differences between career satisfaction and job satisfaction. Some people might be satisfied with their careers but not with their job. A healthcare survey showed that 81% of nurses were satisfied with their job, as it gives them flexible working hours and shifts.

3. The Work is Exciting

When it comes to nursing, each day can be different no matter where you are working, be it in the hospital, office, or clinic. It's always exciting working with patients.

4. People Respects Nurses

A decade-long survey was carried out to determine the most ethical and honest profession. In December 2020, the result of this survey ranked nurses as number one in America.

5. Nurses Are Allowed To Choose Their Specialty

There are over a hundred nursing specialties. This means as a nurse, you'll never be bored with your work. You can decide to focus on general healthcare or pursue other health policy careers.

6. Development Of Transferable Career Skills

In your first year in the school of nursing, you'll be taught to develop different nursing skills. Some of them include organizational skills, communication, critical thinking and even the ability to remain calm in an emergency. With these skills, you can transition from clinical nursing to other nursing options.

7. Nursing Graduates Have Smoother New Hire Transitions

There is always a transition period for all nurses as they move from an academic setting to a clinical setting after graduation. For nurses who are working in teaching hospitals, the transition can be eased by the hospital's one-year nurse residency programs. These programs are designed to help new nurses successfully transition from school to various nurse work settings.

8. Nurses Can Collaborate With Different Healthcare Professionals

When it comes to healthcare, nurses play major roles as they are the only consistent healthcare professionals with the patient at their bedside. As such, they can collaborate with healthcare teams to coordinate patient care and welfare.

Nurses are the hub of patient activity. They know the recommendations of each healthcare professional attending to the patient and can collaborate with them in carrying out different tasks.

9. Nurses Have Several Leadership Opportunities

The skills you acquire as a nurse caring for patients can also help you as you take on leadership roles in your unit. As the nurse in charge, you must assign and monitor other staff, and make adjustments as needed during work shifts. Nurses with strong nursing leadership skills may go on to take positions in administration, such as patients care director, or unit manager.

You can also take advantage of leadership roles in clinical practice, including advanced practice nurses, clinical specialists, and case managers. Nursing offers several opportunities for an individual to actualize their leadership goals.

10. Nurses Are at the Forefront of the Telemedicine Programs

In 1925, inventors were thinking of how to use video-type devices to enable doctors in diagnosing and treating patients. This Telehealth nursing significantly advanced during the 2020 pandemic when healthcare providers started treating patients at home to reduce COVID-19 from spreading.

This remote monitoring has been known to reduce the running cost for a hospital or physician's office. Incorporating telehealth services has given nurses new tools to improve patient healthcare and satisfaction.


Nurses are a significant part of the healthcare system. Having nursing as a career comes with so many opportunities. They are usually the primary source of health care, health education, and monitoring in any society.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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