Finally, some design advice for male nurses.

Nursing posts are usually written with women in mind. This is most likely because female nurses make up 91 percent of the workforce, while male nurses make up just 9%.

Male Nurses, don't be bothered. The emphasis of this article is on you and how you can look your best at work.

1. Ensure that your Scrubs are Sizeable 

Scrubs come in a variety of sizes. Finding a pair of scrubs that suits properly can be challenging. It's even more challenging when you consider the different brands of male scrubs have different suits.

You want them to cover your knees, so make sure they're long enough. They shouldn't be too baggy around the hips, and they shouldn't be too short to limit the movements.

Try on a few different brands and choose the one that best suits you. 

2. It's a good idea to have a neutral undershirt.

Most scrubs have a lower V-neck style that causes the use of an undershirt so that your chest isn't exposed when working. You might go for a more neutral tone like white, heather gray, or even black instead of a bright hue. When you're rushing to your next shift, you won't have to think about mixing and matching your scrubs and undershirts.

3. Have Sensible Shoes that are Long-lasting 

As a nurse, you'll be on your feet and moving for long periods of time. You can also move or walk through substances that the majority of people avoid. This is why it's important to have a pair of shoes that is both durable and comfortable. Tennis shoes and clogs are common options because they provide excellent stability when walking or running during your change.

4. Underthings 

Under your scrubs, you should definitely wear underwear. You never know what could happen during a transfer, and the last thing you want to do is make your patients or colleagues nervous. Often, make sure the drawstring at your waist is securely fastened. In an emergency, you can not have time to hike your pants back up.

5. Choose Scrubs with Pockets 

Pockets are used on the majority of scrubs. Both male and female scrubs fall under this category. You should have pockets on your scrub pants if you don't have pockets on your coat. These pockets will allow you to hold all the small things you'll need for your work, such as scissors, medical tape, pens, and probably even your stethoscope.

6. Adopt a neutral color scheme and pattern.

Although you may want to wear brightly colored or patterned scrubs, this may not be suitable for your hospital job. It can give the wrong impression to your patients, particularly if their emotions are running high. Colors that are softer or more neutral are often a good bet. Blues, blacks, gray, and darker greens are also good choices. You can also tone down a patterned top by pairing it with a solid color bottom.

7. Think about Wearing a jacket

May it gets chilly where you live, or you don't respond well to working in the cold. You may want to bring a light jacket to work with you. It should, however, match your scrubs, particularly if you intend to wear them while interacting with patients. It's simple to take off and put back on if it has a zippered front.

8. Add a Personal Touch to Your Scrubs

The colors you can wear on your scrubs can be limited by your employer. You should, however, accessorize them. You can customize your scrubs with decorative ID tags, a stethoscope cover, or even your name. Another way to personalize your scrubs and add a little personality is to add a few fun pins.

9. Take Half of Three-Quarter Length Shirts into Account

If you have tattoos, it's a safe idea to cover up most of them. They're famous now, but they may bother some more conservative patients or coworkers. Wearing a half-or three-quarter-length sleeve undershirt can solve this issue. This will not only keep you warm if you work in a cold climate, but it will also conceal your vibrant ink.

10. Don't Let Your Scrubs Get Stainy

Stains are an unavoidable part of working in healthcare, no matter how patient you are. Darker scrubs can help with this, but they won't fully cover anything. You should take a few moments to search your scrubs for stains. If you see them, turn to a new pair of shoes and wipe up the stain. This will make you appear neat and well-dressed in front of your patients and colleagues.

11. Trends to Tone Down

Specific tops and bottoms can be worn despite the fact that most scrubs come in sets. They're perfect for mixing and matching if you use complementary color schemes. Wear dark blue scrub pants with a patterned top with blue shades, for example, to tie the two together. However, you should wear a solid color to cover any patterns you might have. Strong shades of the same hue can also be mixed without clashing.


When wearing your male nurse scrubs, you will look and feel amazing. You can use your scrubs to improve your morale, project a confident picture to your patients, and ensure that you're relaxed during your shift with a little time and effort.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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