5 Best Tips for Travel Nurses

Are you a new or seasoned travel nurse who wants to build a more fulfilling and rewarding travel nursing career? Keep reading this blog post to learn 5 best tips for travel nurses. 

Travel nursing is a career path that allows nurses to work in different destinations or countries. It often provides a robust nursing experience in various healthcare settings and cultures. It also offers competitive salaries, bonuses, and other benefits. While rewarding, travel nursing can be overwhelming. However, with proper strategies in place, travel nurses can navigate the overwhelm and build a fulfilling career.

5 Travel Nursing Career Tips

Travel nursing entails working frequently in unfamiliar environments. It involves working on a contract basis under staffing agencies. Sometimes, agencies often plague travel nurses who are new to the field. Whether you are a seasoned travel nurse or just starting out, these five travel nursing career tips will help tremendously.

Get adequate experience

To secure the best travel nursing job, gaining sufficient experience in your specialty is essential. Most agencies typically require at least one year of clinical experience, as hospitals often provide minimal training for travel nurses. Having solid experience ensures you can quickly adapt to new healthcare settings and protocols. It also makes you a more attractive candidate.

One effective way to build this experience is by working as a float nurse in your current role. Floating allows you to work across various units. It exposes you to different patient care scenarios and helps you develop versatility and strong problem-solving skills. These nursing skills are essential for a travel nurse.

Research thoroughly

Research is crucial for building a successful travel nursing career. Gathering detailed information on recruitment agencies, job locations, and specific job requirements is essential for making informed decisions. When selecting a recruitment agency, choose one that actively advocates for your interests, ensuring you receive the best possible assignments and support. 

Before accepting any assignment, ensure to research your destination thoroughly. Understanding the local weather conditions will help you pack appropriately and adjust to new climates. Also, familiarize yourself with the local culture and customs to better integrate into your new community and enhance your overall experience.

Negotiate confidently

Nurses often assume they will earn more in travel nursing, and while this is frequently true, it requires careful negotiation. Before accepting any assignment, thoroughly research the cost of living in the destination, including taxes, housing, transportation, food, and other expenses. Factor these into your salary negotiations to ensure you are not financially disadvantaged compared to your regular nursing job.

Approach negotiations confidently, armed with detailed knowledge of your potential living costs. By doing so, you can secure a contract that covers your expenses and provides a financial advantage. Effective negotiation ensures that your travel nursing role is professionally rewarding and financially beneficial.

Update your licenses and certifications 

Ensuring that your license and certifications are current is crucial in travel nursing. Updated credentials often prevent administrative delays and also help you seamlessly meet the requirements of your new role. Many healthcare facilities have strict regulations, and being fully prepared will demonstrate your professionalism and readiness.

If you work in a different State, consider verifying the state-specific licensing requirements and completing any necessary paperwork. Similarly, ensure that all your certifications, such as BLS, ACLS, or specialty-specific credentials, are current and readily available. These certifications enhance your qualifications and increase your employability and potential for higher pay.

Enjoy your new environment 

Since travel nursing exposes you to new environments, the best way to navigate these changes is to embrace and enjoy the experience. Take time to explore your new town or city and discover what makes it unique. Visit local attractions, try new restaurants, and immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the area. Engaging in these activities will make your stay more enjoyable and help you feel more at home in your temporary location. 

Building connections is another key aspect of making the most of your travel nursing assignment. Take the initiative to make friends within the hospital and the community. Ask questions and seek advice from local nurses, who can provide valuable insights into the best places to visit, eat, and relax. Forming these relationships will enrich your experience and create lasting memories. 


Travel nursing is a thrilling and rewarding career path. With these tips, you can embrace the adventure and enjoy the unique experiences of being a travel nurse. This blog has shown you five best tips for travel nurses. For more tips like this, please visit our blog for nurses.

May 30, 2024

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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