5 Easy Steps to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolution This Year

The start of a New Year has likely inspired you to make a new year resolution. You could be looking to improve your health, increase your efficiency at work, or learn a new skill. Or it’s bringing to mind the overall pattern of making resolutions and breaking them.

Not everyone is good at sticking to their resolutions for the New Year. Most of us give up on our attempts to make changes even before the festive celebrations are over.

This article will show you how to keep your New Year resolution. Alright, let’s dive in. 

5 Easy Steps to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolution This Year

  1. Be Focused

Don’t set goals at random. Whether it’s January 1 or not, set goals that align with your convictions and hold meaning for you. It is very important if you want to maintain your resolve. A lot of people make the mistake of setting improbable ambitions. 

The biggest error is focusing on what you should do rather than what you want to do. You already feel like you’ve accomplished something just by setting a goal. However, it is simpler to prioritize a task you wish to accomplish than to force yourself to complete a task you don’t want to. Choosing who you want to be rather than what you want to achieve is crucial to defining successful goals.

  1. Plan Carefully

With a proper strategy, you can achieve more. Create techniques to assist you in achieving your objectives after setting the appropriate ones based on your belief. Therefore, change is only possible with concrete plans. However, you’ll be more inclined to change your habit if you have a strategy. This process helpful in accomplishing business-related goals. 

Setting goals is crucial to the success of your private practice. Set career objectives for how many sessions you want to plan and devise creative ways to make them happen, including giving speeches to different groups and contributing your time to the public. Also, scheduling specific weekly hours to interact with local co-workers is vital. 

  1. Understand Your Environment

Create and adhere to your routine, but don’t depend on mental fortitude to permanently alter your habit. A lot can affect your aims’ (success or failure) in the surroundings.

People frequently have wonderful ideas about how to transform their lives. All of that enthusiasm could assist the individual in achieving their objectives at first. But as time passes, people tend to revert to their regular patterns, which is typically detrimental to their resolutions.

To achieve your aim, use the “If-Then” method. Even if you can’t handle everything around you, you can stay on track by preparing for circumstances that could potentially interfere with your objectives — such as eliminating water cooler conversation if you’re aiming to be more efficient at work.

  1. Track Your Development

If you have a symbolic (or actual) yardstick to gauge your success, your actions will only signify something. You can measure goals in a variety of ways. Some people succeed best with a short list, while others prefer to make a “to-do” calendar to stay organized. 

Maintaining diligent goal-tracking also enables you to evaluate your principles, tactics, and actions and make required corrections.

Evaluating goals enables you to assess whether your approach is effective or requires modification. A value analysis should go hand-in-hand with goal analysis. Check to see if your past objectives align with your current life.

  1. Get The Proper Tools For The Task

Many free and inexpensive alternatives are open to recording your objectives, regardless of whether you prefer classic pen and paper or are always on your mobile. 

Use a typical objective worksheet or consider making a vision board. To save cash, you should download the “You Need a Budget” app. Also, you should download the “Journal Your Story” app to maintain a diary more frequently. 

Keep your relatives and friends informed as you monitor your progress, whether it be on paper or a smartphone. Being held accountable improves your chances of success.


In keeping your New Year resolutions, you should follow certain steps. We have highlighted some of these steps above. Also, consider fresh ideas that could help you become more efficient and effective in your decision-making. Stay committed to your objectives, and you’ll undoubtedly see growth, success, and job advancement.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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