Are you a registered nurse seeking side hustles to supplement your income? Here are five fantastic side jobs for nurses that will help you.

Nursing, unlike most other professions where we have regular work hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., can be rather demanding. Registered nurses spend a significant amount of time in clinics and hospitals.

They work lengthy shifts, which can make it difficult for them to engage in side hustles. And, while some of them may have regular schedules, the majority will have to find a way to fit in some hours if they want to earn extra money.

So, what are some feasible side jobs for nurses that will fit into their busy schedules? These money-making options will assist you in repaying your school loan or other bills. And, whether you want to make money online or offline, there are always jobs available.

Seasonal Flu Clinic Assist

However, not all side hustles must take place at home. During the cold and flu season, you might want to try volunteering at a community health center or a public clinic.

Every year, over 131,000,000 people in the United States receive a flu shot, implying that clinics will be busy come winter.

This is especially true for public clinics and health institutions that provide subsidized or free immunizations.

You may supplement your income by working part-time at one of these facilities or workplaces.

As a nurse, you will already have the knowledge required to educate patients and administer immunizations, and you will be making a good contribution to your community.

CPR Instructor

Your nursing expertise can provide you with an added advantage when it comes to selecting a side hustle. Consider becoming a CPR instructor at your local YMCA, Red Cross, or community health center.

CPR administration is one of the most fundamental jobs of every nursing professional, therefore you won't need any further training or research.

This may not seem like much, but it's merely extra money on top of your full-time nursing work. Aside from CPR, you may be able to teach nutrition, fire safety, diabetes, or any other health-related subjects.

It will depend on your specific history, degrees, and qualifications, but organizations like the YMCA and Red Cross are always seeking healthcare experts who are ready to teach simple workshops to the public.

It can be a wonderful way to spend your time while also earning some extra money.

Paid Medical Surveys

Completing paid medical market surveys is one of the simplest methods to earn extra money while utilizing your professional experience. Online surveys, online focus groups, phone studies, and in-person focus groups are all options.

Here are a few trustworthy survey businesses to consider:


If you are a nurse, you may find success in telemedicine. Working as a telemedicine nurse is another excellent method to make extra income. Telehealth, one of the fastest-growing disciplines of medicine, entails consulting with patients over the phone or by video. Many people prefer to practice telemedicine part-time (though some do full-time) because it is a flexible choice that allows you to work anywhere and whenever you want.

As a professional nurse, you have direct experience with patients, which is your most valuable asset no matter where you work. As a telehealth nurse, you will need to demonstrate excellent communication skills while acquiring vital information about the patient's symptoms, needs, allergies, and so on.

Nursing Tutor

A nursing tutor assists new nursing students with their class assignments and answers any questions they may have. You can work as a health coach remotely, online, or for a school's tutoring department.

If you prefer to work for yourself, you may easily choose your hours and price to fit your work schedule and lifestyle.


As you can see, there is a lot of room for nurses to explore jobs outside of the clinical context. Especially if you're looking for a part-time side hustle utilizing their nursing expertise for some more cash. Extracurricular nursing jobs are an excellent addition to anyone's résumé. With your experience and skill set, you may make a difference in the lives of others.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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