Writing resumes requires a whole lot of effort. As a nurse, you need to add more effort while writing your resume. Nurses have to consider and examine so many professional guidelines, tips, and techniques to get the best outcome. You might have good grades, you might have recommendations from the nursing college but if you don't know how to sell yourself you might have a problem. 

An employer or a prospective employer has about a minute to few seconds to spend with your resume so you have to stand out among the crowd, colleagues, or competitors with an excellent resume. 

Considering errors and blunders in resumes can be of great help while creating your resume. So when you are free of these blunders you can easily get a good pitch and get good leverage. So, in this post, we are analyzing, discussing, and examining certain areas in nursing resume so you could avoid them and make your resume distinct among the crowd.


Optimization is the art of tailoring your resume or its contents with the job requirements or qualifications. To create your resume for the job role you are applying for. You will notice that most nurses tend to falter and these effects can be felt. 

The correct content for your resume should contain your contact information, certification, education, employment history, licenses, accomplishments, personal affiliations, and honors. You can even be a volunteer in several organizations that offer the services you provide so you can get a career boost which can help improve the quality of your resume.


You should be careful when adding hobbies, especially hobbies that are not related to the profession or to the job you're applying for as a nurse. Because it can take up a lot of space, you can do without it. Many employers have a system of tracking applicants to sift out candidates that might not match their job descriptions.


It is highly recommended that use objectives rather than a summary.  Objectives state what you want to see, what you want to experience and the goals you want to achieve but the summary tells us what you can do as an employee. 

Objectives state what you want to see, what you want to experience and the goals you want to achieve but the summary tells us what you can do as an employee. Summaries are best for the nursing profession because it gives you the privilege of enumerating the skills that can be of help to the job. How do you know that the profession is very unique,  prospective employers need to know how skillful you are for their organization. 

So, the summary will allow you to list your health-related skills and career achievements. The summary should also contain the years of experience you have had on the job. For instance, if the employer wants you to have 6 plus years of experience in the emergency section you can say you have seven years of experience in your summary.


Selling yourself as a nurse through your resume requires you to properly describe yourself. When your employer looks at your resume, he or she should be able to get a quick picture of your experience and tactfulness. However, most nurses' resumes do not contain this information. 

To go about this, your resume should contain action words from the job description that you are applying for. Do not be ambiguous in delivering proper descriptions such that your employers can quickly understand your skills and capacity.


Sometimes you need to add extra information to get the job. This extra information can be a good selling point for you. So, because all have a general license, you might feel comfortable staying with your license. 

Instead, add more about yourself. Should you have special awards in school, you can include them in your resume. If you have special fellowship grants, you can also include them.


Many people are quick to forget this process. This is a very important aspect cutting across several professions. It can have adverse effects, translating into a badly arranged resume.

So here are some ways in which you can format your resume:

  • Check your grammar and spelling- There are always and most times small mistakes in spelling and grammar. It is highly recommended that you spell-check. You can use spell check software or a grammar checker to assist with this. Or rather, you can give an editor.

  • Another error that can come from the date: While describing your experience, you have to ensure that your date format is very correct. You can do this by listing items according to their importance, try not to list the date first to avoid errors.

  • Using bullets rather than paragraphs when writing your resume - It is highly recommended that use bullets rather than paragraphs because bullets convey your information quickly at a glance. Some employers might be discouraged when they see paragraphs.

  • Abbreviations: there are several healthcare jargon and abbreviations, attaching them to your resume can help pass on the impression of professionalism. When using them, be mindful that some tracking systems might not be able to pick up some abbreviations.


A well-written resume makes you distinct from the crowd. A resume should have relevant feats, technicalities, and abilities contained in it. Furthermore, a resume is a picture of you. Get the right orientation and you will look beautiful.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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