When it comes to nursing, it is not only important to have a strong medical background, but it is also important to have a pleasant attitude that will put patients at ease even in the most difficult of situations. When faced with difficult circumstances, good nurses know what to do and say. The very finest nurses are also aware of the things that they should never, ever do under any conditions. All of this will become apparent to you as you gain more knowledge and experience, but if you want to learn more about the types of behavior that are strictly prohibited in your line of work, read on.

Don't give them false hope

It's never a good idea to offer them false optimism by saying things like "You'll be OK." Even while it may appear to be the appropriate thing to do in such a scenario to calm them down, you may unintentionally create a complicated issue since your actions may not be medically accurate.

That being said, one of the most important lessons you should learn is that you should never provide false hope or sugar-coated answers to someone whose health you are concerned about. The only individual who should be able to make a diagnosis is a medical professional. You should also never provide a simple and insufficient answer to a patient who inquires about how painful a creatine treatment is because everyone's pain tolerance is different.

Don't lose your cool

You're having a bad day, it's understandable. They are something that we all have. When dealing with people who are concerned about their health, you must, however, set your difficulties aside and put their worries first. When dealing with even the most difficult patients, you must constantly keep your composure and never, ever lose your cool. Allow for a little patience when your patients become a little frazzled. Continue to be patient with them, even when you believe your patience has reached its limit. Never lose sight of the fact that it is your responsibility to help people feel better.

Never express dissatisfaction with your coworkers.

When working with others, you will inevitably come across someone who has a radically different point of view than yours at some point in your career. Most importantly, you should use your differences to complement one another's work and make your team stronger rather than competing with one another and making work unpleasant and difficult for everyone involved.

The worst thing you can do is allow the patient to witness you and your colleague's disdain for one another. Alternatively, the worst-case scenario is to insult them in front of the patient when you are frustrated. You can be certain that this will lead them to lose trust in you and become dubious of your ability to assist them.

Of course, if you see or believe that anything was done wrong and that it may have put the patient's life at risk, don't keep your mouth shut; instead, find a quiet place and bring it to the attention of your colleague and teammate.

Never allow yourself to become too intimate.

Too much information about oneself can sometimes be detrimental to your professional reputation. Therefore, it is recommended that personal talks with coworkers be saved for break hours. Patients are concerned about their health and do not like to hear about your personal life. Also avoid discussing your personal political or religious opinions with patients since if they conflict with theirs, the patient may get uncomfortable or even refuse to cooperate with your treatment.

Never Pretend to Be Surprised.

Before you say anything, take a moment to reflect. Consider putting yourself in their shoes. Keep your lips shut in front of your patients if you're startled by something, even if it's something you've never witnessed before. Because it will make them believe they have some type of uncommon, incurable condition, no patient will want to hear you say that out loud.

Remember, you will be learning new things regularly while working as a nurse, so always have a cool demeanor and act as if you have seen it all before. There is no doubt that this will help them feel more comfortable and secure.

Personal Opinions Should Be Kept to Oneself

When you work as a nurse, you should be conscious that you are in a position of authority and should treat your patients accordingly. However, this should not be taken to imply that you may misuse your position. When it comes to your patients' healthcare choices, religious views, or political convictions, you must refrain from discussing or expressing your own opinions, since doing so will almost certainly cause them to feel uncomfortable.

You, as a nurse, are responsible for the patient as a whole, which means you should respect their decision and provide them with impartial facts regarding their healthcare. You should assist them in understanding medical language straightforwardly and understandably while remaining objective at the same time.


There are some nursing abilities that you will not learn in school, which is why you should constantly keep an eye on your more experienced colleagues, seek guidance when necessary, and deliberate before reacting to any situation.

One of the most effective things you can do is put yourself in the perspective of your patients and consider how your words and actions might influence them.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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