The nursing profession is a unique and somehow stressful one. It involves a lot of activities and can be time-consuming. Its activities can be characterized by shift operations accompanied by outbursts of emotions, sensations, feelings, and hospitality.

Nurses most times work over 40 hours weekly and when they return home, they are often exhausted by their family commitment and household chores. 

In all these, some nurses neglect their personal lives, personal care, body health, and appearance.

There are some easy and practical techniques that can be introduced to help you achieve your weight goals.

  1. Turn your normal routine into an exercise opportunity 

One way is to turn your normal routine into an exercise opportunity. So rather than boarding the taxis, trains, motorcycles, you can choose to jog to work.

You can choose to run to work as well. You can also choose to just run in the middle of nursing operations and reach-outs.

And after work, you can choose to either jog or run home. By doing these, you can actually incorporate a weight-loss concept into your routine

  1. Change your body positions in several ways while at work  

Now while at work instead of you just using the lift, elevator, or escalators, you can make use of the stairs. You can choose to sprint, jump, squat, or stretch. If you have been busy with the computer or sitting down going through medical records, reports, or research, you can just choose to just stretch out, give yourself a stretch and try some kind of pull-ups, this way you can incorporate an exercise into your routine

  1. Avoid processed foods

When you visit the grocery store, search for healthy, unprocessed, and whole foods. Avoid the ones that contain fats and other ingredients that are unhealthy. Rather, replaced them with lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. 

4. Come along with dumbbells that are light 

When you have the opportunity, you can choose to use dumbbells. So instead of wasting useful time, you can actually use them. It's a good way of just whiling away your time. You can choose to make use of them with your colleagues  

5. Engage in household chores 

A nurse has a home. Even if the nurse passes through night shifts, the hospital is not the home of a nurse. Now when you are home, try to do some house chores. Doing things like scrubbing the walls, cleaning upholstery, washing dishes, using a vacuum cleaner, using the washing machine, using the dishwashers, and probably scrubbing your vehicle's tire, is actually a form of exercise This way you'll find out that you are actually burning calories, and you're actually losing weight.

6. Do some aerobic workout

When opportune you can actually carry out a quick aerobic workout. You can go to YouTube and watch videos of workouts, or you can just join channels of fitness and groups of fitness using fitness guide. So you just watch it and do about 30 minutes stretches, pull-ups, press-ups and you can use a treadmill if you have one at home.

Visiting gyms occasionally and picking up membership keeps you updated on workable aerobics.

7. Eat balanced diets

You actually need to eat a balanced diet. As a health worker, you cannot overemphasize the need for balanced diets. An adequately balanced diet contains all six classes of food in the right proportion. So for every morsel or spoon of a balanced diet eaten, you are energizing your body.

While busy for long hours, try to limit sugar consumption. Try to eat vegetables and fruits.

When you eat well, you won't be overweight. You actually lose weight and when you don't eat a balanced diet, you will notice that you tend to be obese or overweight thereby overriding your weight goal.

8. Drink enough water

Try to drink a lot of water. Water gives a feeling of satiety, now this feeling is actually good because it reduces calorie consumption.

So that you see when you take water before eating and during the cause of eating you will notice that you tend to be full and consume less. When you are hydrated, you flush toxins out of your system.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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