The global pandemic hit the world by surprise and is definitely here to stay. So many people have been severely affected, not only financially, but physically, emotionally, and mentally too. There are especially some business and professions which have had to deal with the full force of the pandemic a little more than others. Doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers being one of them. 

With the situation looking slightly better in certain countries and cities and traveling resuming and life going slightly back to normal for some, many people have decided to live every day more purposefully and do things that they had always pushed to a later time in their life when things are to be more “ideal”. Nurses, in particular, need a nice break away from the covid-19 stricken busy schedules along with their companion and there is no better place than Paris for this vacation.

In this article, we have carefully curated a list of things particularly a nurse and a companion of theirs can do in Paris, along with details on where to live, what to eat, and how much to budget for the trip. After all, our frontline workers definitely deserve a good break after all the hard work that they have put in to try to save other’s lives.

Places to See in Paris

Visit the Museums:

A fusion of art, rich history, and elaborate culture preserved in some of the most beautiful and state of the art museums in Paris, they should definitely be on your itinerary. You and your partner can also choose to go on a museum date with your significant other and marvel at the artistic wonders there. The Louvre definitely tops the list, with pieces like the Mona Lisa and a rich collection of artefacts and antiques. Other museums that you should explore are The Musee d’Art Moderne, the Musee de l’Orangerie, and Centre Georges Pompidou. 

Night Tour:

There are lots of night tours for you to choose from to spend a romantic night out with your partner. With numerous tour buses operating every night, you can book one if you want a guided tour of the city of love or you can completely ditch the idea of a tour and explore the night lights in the city on your own. Take a leisurely stroll down Champs Elysees or the banks of the Seine along with your spouse or partner and watch the city lights twinkling and reflecting in the water. 

The Paris Catacombs:

One on the more adventurous side for you two, you can also choose to visit the Paris catacombs or the Paris sewer museum, a whole underground city under the streets of Paris filled with bones and skeletons of mid-19th century Parisians, removed from the graveyards and stuffed under the road. Not for the faint of the heart, but you know how they say, just like shared hatred, shared fear can also serve as a great bonding opportunity.

Where to stay:

Luxury Hotels

Le Bristol Paris:

For $908 a night, you can enjoy an incredibly luxurious and romantic stay at the 88-room hotel that was established in the Roaring Twenties, so you can imagine the lavishness that the hotel must boast. Although the size of the hotel may be small, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have all the required amenities and more, such as sunlit indoor pools, three-Michelin-star restaurant, spa, and Turkish baths, to name a few. 

Le Meurice:

Another hotel with its own Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Meurice will give you the proper royal feels due to its marvelous Louis XVI décor. A short walk from the Louvre, this luxury hotel offers spacious rooms, period furniture, elegant restaurants, palatial en-suite Marble bathrooms, and more. 

Budget Hotels

Le Montclair Hostel

Colorful and eccentric, this unique little hostel is perfect if you want a place not too far from Montmarte. With a kitchen, no curfews, clean private rooms, and well-maintained bathrooms, all for a very affordable price of 22 euros, Le Montclair Hostel is quite the deal especially if you’re on the move and only want to stay overnight before you move on to the next day’s adventure. 

Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter has got it all. From a cute rooftop terrace in the summers, comfortable and uniquely decorated rooms, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the ideal location in the hub of the city, 20th district on rue de Bagnolet. If you want a good place to stay, enjoy the local culture, especially the night scene, and also not be ripped off, then Mama Shelter is the place for you. 

What to Eat:

Crepes, crepes, crepes:

One of the best cheap eats in the city, that also taste incredibly good, is crepes. With so much variety, you’ll be in a bit of a pickle to choose what to eat, no pun intended. There are lots of cute, trendy, and affordable creperies, such as Breizh Café, Lulu La Nantaise, and La Droguerie, to name a few. 

Fresh produce:

Go out on a cute romantic picnic date with your beau with a wicker basket full of fresh organic produce from the farmer’s market. The diversity of foods is incredible, you will need a lot of patience to browse through everything in the market and pick out just the things you require because you would be very tempted to buy everything. Marche D’Aligre is one of the best places if you are interested in this activity. 


Eating in Paris is synonymous to devouring loads of baked goods, especially croissants and freshly baked bread. Euro croissants, pain au chocolate, and baguettes will have your mouth watering. Our top picks for the bakeries include Du Pain et Des Idees, Ble Sacre, A la Flute Gana, and Liberte. 

Cost of Trip: 

Obviously one of the most important aspects of planning a trip is knowing how much your expenses will be. To help you out, we have compiled a breakdown of daily expenses for one person. If you’re a budget traveler, the range should be around one hundred euros, but that will obviously fluctuate depending on you. But usually, Food costs around 30 euros, attractions 10 euros, transportation 10 euros and accommodation approximately 50 euros a night. 

Length of Visit:

How long you spend time in the city is contingent upon how much time you can dedicate to the place that has so much to offer. But assuming time is not an issue, the ideal and realistic length of visit to Paris should be around two weeks if you really want to fully experience everything there and make some great Parisian memories with your better half. After spending a week visiting the popular attractions in the city, we recommend staying another week just living and experiencing the everyday Parisian life like a local, and not a tourist. Book an Airbnb for that week so you don’t have to relocate after every two days, go reading in the parks, have long, carefree breakfasts in the outdoor cafes, and for that week, pretend this is what your actual life is like. 


May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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