For you to get your RN that is to become a registered nurse you need to succeed in NCLEX. . NCLEX is the abbreviation for the national council licensure examination which is a gauge for measuring the readiness of nurses for the outside world. So a nurse who wants to practice professionally must pass this exam. So what happens when the otherwise happens, that means what if you failed? 

Failing the NCLEX doesn't automatically end your nursing career permanently. You can consider the following steps to succeed:

  1.  Be honest with yourself

It can be painful if after you put in so much effort you get nothing to show for it. Also, it's hot if after preparing well for an examination you get disappointed.

You must be honest with yourself, brace up, and move on. It is not wrong to feel bad, but staying bad is worse.

  1.  Find out where you have failed

It is good to analyze the reason for failure. Several reasons can cause failure.

a) It can be caused by family and social responsibilities and commitments

b) It can be caused by an inadequate focus while preparing for the examination.

c) lack of familiarity with the question pattern, setup, and syllabus. 

If it's caused by family commitments like house chores, parental responsibilities, and pregnancy. There should be a means of communication and analysis, to find a way forward.

If it's caused by a lack of familiarity with questions, you can subscribe to supervised prep courses as this can boost self-confidence and overall performance. 

  1.  Properly utilize your study time

When it's study time, it is very important to avoid distractions. So you see it's not the number of hours spent but the number of effective hours used. 

Issues and thoughts can distract our minds despite being faced by a book.

So it's necessary to summarize after reading, meditate, reflect and try to find applications to the knowledge in the real world. 

  1. Don't rely on lecture notes only

Although your lecture notes can be comprehensive, it is recommended that I get extra materials. 

Go the extra mile by getting review notes and necessary information that can improve knowledge of the profession.

NCLEX aims to assess the readiness of a nursing scientist for real-time hospitality and healthcare functions. So you must get videos, learning aids, and materials to improve knowledge. 

  1.  Avoid buying too many review guides.

As the thirst for knowledge increases, it's necessary to be careful while adopting and utilizing review guides.

"Too many cooks spoil the broth" Also too many unnecessary materials and review guides can leave you more confused than ever. 

So it's advisable that you get a trusted and comprehensive review or study guide and diligently study.

  1.  Don’t give up.

You can do almost anything and everything if you only believe. Your mind gives internal energy and your thoughts create an atmosphere for you and can eventually become your reality. So, it's highly recommended that you believe you can succeed, believe you will succeed, and believe that you cannot be limited. With this mindset and confidence, you can succeed in your examination.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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