It is unarguably true that doctors make more money than nurses do. It could be because of the years spent in college to learn and be grounded in health practice. The truth is that doctors spend more to become doctors than nurses do to become nurses. 

It could also be the many responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of doctors. Nurses do not have to make a lot of life-changing decisions as much as doctors do.

The bottom line however could be that the responsibilities that doctors are faced with, as well as the many decisions they have to make regarding the health situations of patients and the overall betterness of health institutions, is not exactly what nurses do. This could also be the reason why their paychecks differ. 

These differences could be seen in the different paths they take to pursue their professions, the different ways they take to earn degrees, as well as the diverse specialties they embark on. 

While it is true that nurses do not earn the same way doctors do, there are however several steps that nurses can take that would have them retiring wealthier than doctors. 

How Nurses Can Retire Wealthier than Doctors 

1. Investment: Investing early in your retirement accounts can save you a ton of cash later on in life. 

Nurses can retire wealthier than many doctors, and a host of other professions, if they grasp and adopt these tactics early on. The keyword here is to invest quite early in your nursing career. Giving yourself ample time to accumulate wealth. 

As a certified nurse, do not be solely focused on working in health facilities and institutions until your body can no longer take the strain. Investing early and investing right can help you accomplish whatever it is that you enjoy!

2. Saving: You do not have to save much more than your weekly or monthly paycheck can allow. Wealth, they say, accumulates with time.  As much as savings help us become financially independent, the zero worries you will have if anything that requires urgent expenditure happens, as well as the financial backup it gives in cases where you could lose your job isn't exactly the most important aspect of saving as a nurse. 

The pertinent aspect of saving as a nurse is the comfort it would breed after retirement. Saving enough money for retirement helps us avoid financial anxiety, but more importantly, it provides financial security in case we are outlay when something must be done urgently.  Remember, you don't need to have thousands of pounds available to start the savings habit.

Even putting a small amount aside every month can make a real difference over the long term

3. Side Jobs aren't a Bad Idea: Nursing is a well-paying occupation, but having an additional source of income is nice. Nurses can work part-time employment to supplement their income. The fortunate side of this is that it allows them to save and invest easily while maintaining a healthy financial lifestyle without having to cut back on daily necessities that make life easier.

Some of this part-time employment that is related to nursing include:

  •  Blogging and Healthcare writing 
  •  Become a CPR instructor 
  •  Seasonal flu clinics 
  •  Obtain a certification.

Why is it vital for nurses to save money in case of an emergency?

You may protect yourself from a catastrophic financial disaster by setting aside emergency funds. When it comes to emergency savings, the goal is to have sufficient money to meet 3-6 months of living expenses if you can't secure a regular income. 

A portion of this money should be kept in this savings account and the way you've mentioned is also used for long-term savings. If you find that your livelihood or money is suddenly dwindling, an emergency budget is a good way to go about keeping your money safe until your funds are replenished.


Nurses can never go wrong in early retirement planning, investment, and savings. When you start early on in your career to make the right financial decisions, retiring in style wouldn't be far-fetched. Therefore, nurses can retire wealthier than doctors with the right financial decisions and investments. 

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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