While the nursing profession offers unique opportunities for personal growth and professional fulfillment, it also comes with challenges such as high-stress levels, long hours, and time management issues. However, despite these challenges, the nursing profession is filled with extraordinary people who make incredible, life-altering contributions every day.

You probably met some fantastic, compassionate nurses who influenced your decision to enter nursing. These nurses are the best in the business because they know how to provide their patients with the proper support. But what exactly was it motivating? While every nurse may have a blend of qualities, they must all be standard ones.

Listed below are some of the characteristics of an excellent nurse.

Having a compassionate character

The best nurses are those who genuinely worry about their patients. A nurse's effectiveness hinges on her ability to provide solace and reassurance to patients feeling anxious, weak, or frightened.

You should make an effort to be more than just a caretaker to your patients; you should treat them like friends you care about. One of the essential characteristics of a nurse is the ability to safeguard a patient's right to confidentiality. Both you and your patients will benefit significantly from the special connection you establish in this rewarding profession.

Show compassion

Most people find their time in the hospital to be a frightening and upsetting experience. A nurse's capacity for empathy is a crucial skill. Never see or treat a patient as an inconvenience.

To empathize with patients' experiences and provide them with the necessary emotional care, we must put ourselves in their shoes.

Keep detailed notes

Good nurses keep meticulous records of patient care. This is crucial because a patient's seemingly inconsequential remark could actually hold the key to successfully treating them. Take careful notes, and above all, listen to your patients.

You should invest in an excellent notebook and pen if you don't already have them. You wouldn't believe how much more pleasant note-taking becomes with high-quality stationery.

Maintain steady emotions

This may seem like stating the obvious, but it's important to remember that we're all imperfect human beings, susceptible to emotions like stress, which might sometimes impact our job. However, as a nurse, you are responsible for providing continuity of care for your patients.

Expressing your emotions openly is an excellent method of promoting mental health. Keeping your feelings bottled up inside instead of sharing them with those you care about will complicate the situation. Because of the nature of your work, you're constantly surrounded by kind people. Tell them how you really feel. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your feelings and that many nurses can empathize with you.

You might also attempt meditation, which is calming and straightforward without any special gear. Take a long walk during your free time to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air, both of which are excellent for relieving tension.

Exhibit both mental and physical fortitude

Being a nurse often involves working long shifts with few breaks. A nurse's day requires exceptional mental and physical stamina.

Brain training apps and games, like exercise, can help you get through the day more easily by strengthening your mental faculties.

Consider purchasing a pair of supportive shoes. Proper shoes make all the difference when you're on your feet all day. Take advantage of the assistance many stores offer in your search for comfortable, well-fitting shoes that provide the necessary arch and midfoot support.

Take breaks as often as you can; they are really important. To counteract the adverse effects of fatigue on the body and mind, seize any opportunities to snooze.

Put in a lot of effort

Being a nurse requires a lot of hard work and a willingness to learn new things on the job. One of the most common causes of dismissal for nurses is laziness.

Follow your heart and aim to be the greatest at what you do. Prove to yourself that you are a fantastic person by going the additional mile for your patients. Doing this for yourself will make it easier to stay motivated, and the admiration of others will serve as a nice bonus.

Have strong communication skills

You are a part of a beautiful, helpful group of people who will always be available for you as a nurse. As the adage goes, "a problem shared is a problem halved," so take advantage of the fact that you are never truly alone in the nursing profession by letting your guard down and making the most of the great, lifelong relationships you will forge with your coworkers.


With each other's help, nurses worldwide can continue to provide excellent care to the most vulnerable patients. All the qualities mentioned above set nurses apart and make them effective in their profession.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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