How to Decorate the Unit for Halloween

Halloween is a very important holiday, especially in the United States. As a Nurse, you may need to switch up your unit if you are working on this holiday. This means that you have to learn to decorate your unit for Halloween differently this year. Continue reading this post to learn how to decorate the unit for Halloween. 

Decorating the Unit for Halloween: Create a Fun Atmosphere with Decorations

There is nothing that brightens up a hospital room like some spooky decorations on Halloween. Create some creepy spiders out of paper plates, or hang some orange and black streamers. Put your imaginative skills to use and illuminate the darkness with a terrifying pumpkin creation.

You may bring the spirit of Halloween into any area by decorating your favorite pumpkin with paint, stamps, or stickers. This will set the mood perfectly.

You can work with an everyday object, like a kid's wheelchair or other equipment. Decorate such items to make your patients feel the magic of the season. This is sure to put a smile on your patient's face.

Key Places to Decorate The Unit for Halloween

Here are a few places to decorate during Halloween:

Front Desk

Inflate several Halloween balloons every day in the lead-up to Halloween and put them at the front desk to hand out to young patients. Also, put together some Halloween treats and party goodies, such as bouncy eyeballs and spider rings, in a witch's cauldron on the front desk. Transform white balloons into spooky ghosts by adding a permanent marker face. Do the same for orange balloons to transform them into festive pumpkins.


Hanging Halloween decorations can be a lot of fun, especially with a special Halloween decorating kit. Involve some of your patients that can in the decoration process and hold a Halloween Hallway Contest. The patients can compete to see whose decoration is more attractive.

The front porch

In line with the autumnal spirit, you may spruce up your building and make it seem more festive. To do this, place some pumpkins, cornstalks, and bales of straw on your front porch. After that, hang an orange and black Halloween bunting over the porch railings.

Patient Rooms

Putting up a wreath or window decals might help set the mood. Provide the patients with Halloween-themed coloring pages filled with spooky creatures, pumpkins, spiders, and ghosts that they may use to design their own spaces.

Nurses' Station

Have as much fun as you can with the unit as long as management allows it. Decoration of intelligent boards and nurse stations with paper Jack-o'-lanterns, goblins, and ghosts is a fun Halloween pastime. Additionally, you can also use seasonal window stickers and garlands that are permitted.

Make Scarecrows

Scarecrow-making is a popular activity for children. It's not hard to organize and will bring the kids outdoors, where they'll be occupied for a while. Collect some outgrown garments, both theirs and yours, and those of other family members.

What about antique caps or hats? A pillowcase or piece of fabric (burlap, for example) to use as a mask? You could use a pumpkin or a gourd instead of a real head. If a straw is available, that's excellent, but if not, a newspaper or anything else you can think of will do.

Your only limitations are those imposed by your imagination and means of production. The remarkable aspect about scarecrows is that they can be used as harvest accents through Thanksgiving, not just for Halloween.

Dress Your Pumpkins

Carve your pumpkins into smiling faces and put them on top of stuffed scrub shirts for a spooky display for Halloween. You may transform some of them into physicians by providing them with stethoscopes and round off the appearance by providing others with syringes, pens, or test tubes.

Downright Creepy Candy

In the days leading up to Halloween, confectionery retailers stock up on various bizarre foods. Look for sweets like band-aids, blood samples, and dentures in the candy aisle. Please place them in black bowls and surround them with plastic spiders, orange and black jelly beans, and other Halloween decorations.


Even though it's not the same as being at home, decorating the unit for halloween is guaranteed to put a grin on a patient's face. On Halloween, you should wear a goofy hat and give a child some creepy stickers. They recover faster when they are pleased and happy.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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