Congratulations on completing nursing school and beginning your career search! There is no easy path to finding a job in the medical field.

Jobs in the healthcare industry are very competitive. They don't recruit many recent grads because doing so is expensive. Hospitals lose money when nurses depart because it costs more to train them, orientation takes much longer, turnover is higher among recent graduates, and so on.

Hospitals are quite selective in their hiring practices because of this and they are hesitant to give employment to recent nursing school grads. Consequently, there are several factors you need to get right to work as a nurse at a hospital after graduating from nursing school.

Here are some pointers on how to land a job as a nurse in a medical facility. They will make your resume more noticeable and help you stand out from the crowd.

Submit your application as soon as possible

Applying early is crucial to working as a nurse in a hospital, especially one with a residency program. You can rule out the first few months after college graduation. This is the time of year when you are a senior and just beginning the process of deciding which hospitals to apply to.

Senior year is the time to research local hospitals online to learn about application deadlines and job criteria if you know the city and surrounding area where you wish to work.

Adhere to instructions

Please read the residency program's requirements carefully and adhere to them exactly. The application process relies heavily on your ability to read and follow instructions.

You'll need to fill out numerous forms as they'll ask for a lot of information. This process is time-consuming, so you must pay close attention to every detail.

Construct a Reference List

Having contacts at the hospital you're considering working for can be helpful in finding a job there. Making it simpler for them to check your references is good for you.

Believe me, I understand how tough this is. However, it is important to network with other nurses in the field if you completed clinicals at a hospital. When someone from within a hospital vouches for you, it carries a great deal of weight.

Have self-assurance while remaining open to new information 

There is widespread agreement that recent graduates have a steep learning curve. There is a narrow line between being too shy and easily frightened and being too confident to work in a hospital.

Tell the recruiting manager (and the nurses above you) that you're aware of the difficulty of the position but are committed to learning everything you can about it. That demeanor is far more persuasive than that of someone who is overconfident and pretends not to care about anything. They can't be taught that way, so it's pointless to try.

Those conducting your interviews are aware of the steep learning curve you'll face. No matter how talented you are, they recognize how challenging it is. If you have no idea what you're getting into, you pose a significant danger to the company. This is because, at some point, you'll have to face facts and be more motivated to quit.


The advice in this post will assist you in your search for a first nursing position in a hospital setting. Keep in mind that you should begin your search far sooner than you might think. Carefully read and comprehend the application instructions, secure hospital references (if possible), and project an attitude that demonstrates your eagerness to learn. Taking these steps will increase your chances of getting the job you want.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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