Especially for newly graduated nurses, crafting the ideal registered nurse CV might be a difficult task. Without any prior healthcare expertise, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. In order to boost your chances of getting hired and starting at a higher RN Salary, you can get creative and gain greater self-confidence in the abilities and competence you do have.

A career in nursing gives stability and security. When applying for a position as a nurse, even in the face of these conditions, you should not relax. There's no better way to introduce yourself to a potential employer than with a strong resume that highlights your accomplishments and displays your expertise.

So, how can you create a résumé that stands out?

For those of you who want a successful nursing resume, here are some proven tips:

Start with a Story

A narrative is a concise, well-written summary of the abilities and experience you bring to the table when applying for a job. Remember to describe your ambitions, specialisations and any advanced certifications or training you have. Make sure you don't exaggerate on your CV, but don't be too humble either.

Make a Case for Your Skills and Qualifications

Use action verbs when discussing your strengths, and paint a picture of what they look like. Instead of "Knowledge of chemotherapy mixing and administration," state, "Actively treated cancer patients, including mixing and providing chemotherapy drugs in accordance with hospital policies and safety norms," etc. 

Do a Final Check for Errors

Make sure your resume is clear, concise, and free of typos before submitting it. Make sure your writing is error-free; even a little grammatical or spelling mistake might hurt your chances of landing a job because it suggests that you aren't as meticulous as you claim to be. 

If You're Returning to the Nursing Profession, Make a Point of Highlighting Your Nursing Career.

The work experience section of your resume should be divided into two sections if your nursing career has been on hiatus for some time. Nursing and/or related experience, or something of the sort. Prioritise and emphasise your nursing experience in the first section of your resume; nevertheless, don't overlook any other tangentially relevant positions in the second section. 

Make a Showcase of Your Best Work

Employers are concerned about how you will reflect on their organization if you work for them. If you have been recognized for exceptional performance, have served on policy or patient care committees, or have worked to set standards for improved treatment, you should include those remarkable experiences in your resume.

Use quantitative measures such as the number of patients you routinely cared for or the number of nurses you managed wherever possible to describe your role in the process, any collaboration with administrators and the beneficial effects of the modifications.

Get a Professional Review of Your Resume

Having another pair of eyes to go through your CV can make you feel more confident about it. A professional review of your resume, even if you're an exceptional writer and confident in the content of your resume, may be beneficial. It's particularly beneficial if you're moving up the ranks or shifting your focus.

There are a wide variety of individuals and businesses who offer this service. Resume Writer Direct is one company that provides free resume reviews. You can obtain a free resume review from them, so check them out!

Observe Sample Nurse Resumes for Inspiration

Don't start from scratch. Writing a resume from the start might be daunting, and there is no shame in glancing at other resumes to get a sense of how to structure yours.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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