How To Say Thank You To Your Boss This Season With The Natty Subscription Box

Are you thinking of some gift ideas to say thank you to your boss for their kindness to you this year? Then, you should read this post, as we will show you some exclusive gift ideas—all in one box—that your boss will love this season.

Your boss should make the list when counting the people you should express gratitude to for their support throughout the year. Having a boss who has been invested in your personal and professional growth is a privilege not everyone is lucky to have. For all the support your boss has given you—financially, emotionally, or professionally—you ought to thank them with a special gift this season. A way to do that effectively is with Natty's subscription box.

How To Say Thank You To Your Boss With The Natty Subscription Box

The subscription box is a gift box with carefully thought-out and packaged items your boss will love. It is a gift idea that will be useful to your boss this season, whether they are going on a vacation or not. Here are a few items in the subscription box that would help you say thank you to your boss for all their effort towards your growth.

The Nice Nurse is on Vacation sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is made of comfortable material and is inscribed with the words of your boss's heart this season. It comes in different sizes: medium, large, X-Large, and 2X-Large. It is a perfect loungewear for them to feel cozy and relax in. Get this sweatshirt to say thank you to your boss when you grab the subscription box.

Detox bar soap (rosemary and lime)

This friendly detox bar soap is one of the items in the subscription box. It is made using activated charcoal that magically absorbs skin toxins, making it cleaner and healthier. It is also infused with rosemary and lime essential oils for its antiseptic, antiviral, and antioxidant qualities. This detox bar soap is a perfect thank-you gift that will warm your boss's heart and make them feel refreshed this season.

Christmas winter candles

The subscription box includes some Christmas-scented candles with calming fragrances that trigger relaxation responses. This is a great gift to say thank you to your boss, who has been working so hard all through the year. These candles will add some festive color to their space this season. It will also help them create a relaxing atmosphere for meditation and mindfulness.

Nurses Call the Shots sock and gift bag set

It's winter, and your boss will need to keep warm. This beautiful stocking and cap set is designed to keep your boss warm and cozy this season. The red color of this gift in the subscription box perfectly expresses your warm thoughts and gratitude to your boss this season.

Grinch mas Libby cup

Help your boss add a touch of Christmas magic to their beverages this season with the Grinch Mas Libby Cup. This cup in the subscription box is durable and comes in beautiful designs that your boss will love. It is a perfect thank-you gift to help them stay hydrated this season.

Grinch earrings

The Grinch earrings in the subscription box are elegant acrylic earrings made with steel posts. These nickel-free, lead-free, lightweight, and safe earrings are a great and creative thank-you gift. They will help your boss add a touch of holiday style to their outfits this Christmas season.


When it comes to saying thank you to your boss, a thoughtful and useful gift idea like Natty's subscription box is always a great option. This will not only convey the depth of your gratitude, but it will also make your boss feel special and motivate them to continue the good work they do. There you go—this post has just shown you how to say thank you to your boss this season with the Natty subscription box. For more helpful tips like this, please check out our blog at Natty Nurses.

December 15, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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