For good reason, becoming a travel nurse is becoming increasingly popular. While some people prefer the security and routine of a traditional nursing career, there are advantages to working as a travel nurse as well. There are possibilities for you whether you are searching for something short or long-term as a travel nurse. We will go through everything you need to know to see if you are a good match for this career and to assist you to navigate the travel nursing world.

What exactly is a Travel Nurse?

A travel nurse, as the name implies, is a registered nurse who travels to various medical institutions where they are required, often owing to personnel shortages. Travel nurses are a wonderful answer to this problem since some medical institutions, such as hospitals and clinics, may require a job filled immediately. The work of a travel nurse may appear to be transitory, but with the help of a reputable agency, the job may be secure and lucrative. Travel nurses may cover a variety of specializations and responsibilities, making it a handy and adaptable profession that many individuals choose.

What are the benefits of working as a travel nurse?

Being a travel nurse may appear to be similar to being a substitute teacher, in that you are only called in as needed. This is not the case, and working as a travel nurse may be fairly trustworthy. Travel nursing jobs are ideal for individuals who enjoy discovering new locations and having the opportunity to travel to other areas of the world or cities. It is up to you whether you choose to travel far or stay close to home for your travel nursing jobs. With the benefits of travel, you may gain experience working at a healthcare institution in other regions to learn more.

Travel nurses make the same as or more than regular staff nurses. Not only that, but many travel nursing positions include tax-free lodging, travel reimbursement, and a food stipend as perks. If you enjoy the flexibility and don't mind traveling around a lot, this may be the ideal career for you.

Requirements for Travel Nurses

Because the nature of a travel healthcare profession demands a nurse to rapidly fit in with the responsibilities at hospitals, they must satisfy specific qualifications to be considered and employed for the position. Travel nurse jobs are distinct from staff nurse positions in that they are employed by a nursing agency that allocates nurses to certain duties. To be considered for this process, the nurse must be a licensed registered nurse with at least 1-2 years of recent acute care experience. Aside from that, unless they are seeking a specific specialty, travel nurses do not require any further credentials. This is handy since nurses who are presently employed may simply transition to the travel nursing community and spend some vacation time while working.

What exactly is a Travel Nurse Agency?

Because a travel nurse is not hired by a specific medical facility, a travel nursing recruiter or agency is required to arrange them for employment. A travel nursing agency places registered nurses at hospitals and clinics that require temporary help. The recruiter works with the travel nurses' schedule and location to find the greatest benefits package, travel costs, and employment for them. They might come from local, national, or worldwide places and pay a variety of wages.

What to Look for When Choosing a Travel Nurse Agency

Because the travel nursing agency handles all aspects of the travel nurse staffing, it is critical to conduct thorough research before committing to an agency. A good agency vs a bad agency might be the difference between earning a regular income with lengthy commutes and living your best life while traveling and reaping all the benefits of being a travel nurse. We've broken down some of the most essential ones below to help you discover the perfect fit.

1. Locations That Are Available

Ideally, you should search for a company that collaborates with a variety of hospitals in various places. Because many people are in it for the travel advantages, it is critical that your agency can get you where you want to go. Larger organizations often have more access to more areas. Although many agencies promote their staff all over the world, it is vital to check to discover where they can staff.

2. Salary for Travel Nursing

This may vary depending on the specialty or type of job that the registered nurse is capable of performing, although some organizations provide better compensation packages than others. Along with special remuneration, some agencies provide competitive pricing as well as tax-free stipends for food and travel when on travel assignments. Even though the work is identical, some travel nurse firms provide more for their staff, such as completion incentives, referral bonuses, and other perks.

3. Reputation of the Agency

When looking for an agency, viewing other people's comments might help you make a decision. While there are only a limited number of ratings to examine, it is critical to assess the agency's general reputation and what others have to say about it.

4. Pay Transparency

Pay transparency is one of the most important differentiators in travel nurse agencies. Most nursing agencies will not openly post contracts for nurses to read over, instead of forcing them to sign up by email or text message and then be bombarded with solicitations for work assignments.


To summarize, look for travel nursing positions in your chosen places on job boards and social media, then contact the agencies that are advertising regardless of whether or not there is a particular job fit.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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