Preparing For Daylight Saving Time as a Nurse

Daylight Saving Time is here and it is imperative that you prepare yourself adequately to make adjustments as a nurse. The truth is that DST, as it is popularly referred to affects everyone including nurses and other healthcare workers. This means that you need to find the best way to stay attentive and alert to provide your patients with the best care at all times.

How does a nurse prepare for daylight saving time? This post will present you with some helpful tips. Let’s get started.

Daylight Saving Time Explained

Daylight Saving Time is a seasonal practice. This practice sees clocks set forward by an hour during the spring as well as set back by the same margin in the fall. The practice is quite common around the world, especially in the United States.

Benjamin Franklin first proposed the idea of DST in 1784. Interestingly, it was only first adopted during the First World War to help in energy conservation. It was abandoned immediately after the war and reintroduced during the Second World War. Daylight Saving Time has become commonplace since then in several countries globally.

The DST schedule changes slightly for different years. Check below for the schedule for 2023 to 2025:

           Year            Start              End

         2023      March 12     November 5

         2024      March 10     November 4

         2025      March 9       November 2

How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time as a Nurse

Every nurse needs to prepare for Daylight Saving Time. Doing this ensures that you remain alert, agile, and attentive during work hours. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that you prepare yourself for Daylight Saving Time as a nurse:

Stay nourished and hydrated

As a nurse, you need to stay hydrated

One of the best ways to ensure that you maintain high levels of focus and energy at work is staying nourished and hydrated. Ensure that you eat balanced diet daily and have some healthy snacks to eat at intervals while at work. Some foods you should consider include vegetables, fruits, and whole foods. Also, make sure that you drink lots of water to help you stay hydrated during work periods.

Adjust your sleep times

Now that DST is here, it is time to make adjustments to your sleep times. Consider sleeping about 15 or 30 minutes earlier than usual. Adopt the same for your wake-up times. Doing this will help you adjust to the new time quicker so that you can remain awake and alert during your shifts.

Get your equipment and uniforms ready

Ensure that you prepare your work equipment and uniforms before it is time for your shift. This means that you should check your thermometer, stethoscope, and other pieces of work equipment for proper operation. Also, make sure that you clean and press your uniform ahead to ensure that you look the part at work.

Plan your work trips

DST can affect your work trips so you need to make new arrangements. This way, you can leave home earlier and get to work on time. Don’t forget to check the weather and traffic conditions before you leave home.


This post has shown you some ways to prepare for Daylight Saving Time as a nurse. Do you have any others? Kindly share them with us in the comments section. Feel free to peruse Natty Nurses for other articles to help you become a better nurse.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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