These vital self-care strategies, will make all the difference in your life as a nurse. How can you care for others if you don't care for yourself first?

Nurses' duties are not only difficult but also demanding and exhausting. Some shifts are so difficult that you'll feel drained when you go home. That is why it is critical to care for both your mind and your body.

Every tip on this page is equally essential. Choose the ones that work best for you and put them into action. Include them in your daily or weekly regimen.

Ideas for Self-Care and Stress Reduction for Nurses

Try to complete as many of these tasks as possible. The more you invest in yourself, the greater your ability to perform as a nurse will be.

Consider it this way: Your energy is like a glass of water. The more you give, the more empty it becomes. You must discover ways to continually refill your glass so that you can pour more.

Eat Healthily

First and foremost, watch what you consume. Choose meals that will feed your body and keep it functioning at its best. It is up to you to determine how this will appear on your body. Some people thrive on vegan diets, while others find that eating gluten-free gives them greater energy.

It is advisable to consult with a dietitian if necessary. Eat more of the meals that help you stay healthy when you've discovered the ones.


Moving and exercising are equally as vital as eating well. Sure, you're probably traveling a lot throughout each shift. Find a time and location when you can go for a calm stroll or move away from call lights and unpleasant voices.

This may be as easy as going for a stroll around the neighborhood or watching a kickboxing DVD.

Energize Your Mind

Taking care of your mind is another important aspect of self-care. Set aside time each week to fill it with uplifting thoughts and ideas. Reduce your time spent reading gossip or anything unpleasant.

Read things that make you joyful and boost you. This may be anything from a murder mystery to a biography. If you don't want to read, you can listen to audiobooks. The key thing is to give oneself the gift of optimistic thinking.

Find Emotional Support

All nurses, like everyone else, require emotional support. You need someone to vent to, a secure place to unload all of your frustrations and concerns.

Being a nurse is a very emotional profession. It can be emotionally exhausting to care for sick patients and their families. That is why it is critical to locate someone or a group of individuals with whom you can unwind and get support.

Self-Care Suggestions

Sometimes you just need to take care of yourself. You will feel better and happier if you treat yourself with grace and care.

Among these little delights are:

• A massage from a professional.

• Manicure/Pedicure.

• A brand-new pair of shoes.

• Watching a film at home.

• Taking a hot bath.

Stress-Relieving Techniques

While you're taking care of yourself, it's critical to keep an eye on your stress levels and healthily deal with them. Too much stress may be extremely damaging to your health.

These de-stressing techniques have helped many nurses, and I hope they will assist you as well.

Deep breathing should be practiced.

Deep breathing will help you acquire control of your mind and body by lowering your heart rate. It is a tried-and-true method for relieving stress in your neck and body.

A thorough tutorial explaining how to practice deep breathing is available from the University of Michigan. You may do this at work, in the vehicle, or when you get home.


Exercising is another stress-relieving approach. It's essential to discover a technique to exercise that feels right for you, just like it was in the self-care advice.

Endorphins, or "happy hormones," are released when you move. When you get your heart rate up, you naturally work through any stress or tightness in your muscles.


Another method to work through and let go of stress is via artistic expression. Some people like keeping a journal. Writing is therapeutic for them and allows them to get everything out of their heads.

Others enjoy drawing or singing. Find a means to communicate your feelings, no matter what manner you choose. Keeping things pent up is harmful to both your mind and body.


Make self-care your number one priority. Every shift, you give of your time and energy. You must take care of yourself so that you may care for others.

Above all, look inside. Determine what you require and do more of it. Surround yourself with individuals who will encourage and boost you up. Nursing is a hard and tough profession; you will need a support system to help you succeed.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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