Seven Fun Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving Day Even When You're At Work

Are you going to be on duty this Thanksgiving? No worries! This blog post will share with you seven ways to enjoy Thanksgiving even when you're at work.

Experiencing a last-minute work shift on Thanksgiving can be truly disheartening, especially when you had plans of a delightful celebration with family and friends. As nurses, our demanding profession may sometimes have us working on holidays, all we can do is, to make the best of it.

Whether you find yourself at home or at work, Thanksgiving is meant to be enjoyed. 

Seven Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving at Work

If you've been wondering if it's possible to enjoy Thanksgiving on your work shift, then keep reading because these tips will make working on Thanksgiving as fun as it can be!

Decorate your workspace

Add a touch of holiday to your workspace by transforming it with some Thanksgiving decor. Do this by splashing some autumn colors, pumpkins, candles, fall flowers, or a string of light into your space. This will help you create the holiday ambiance that gets you in the Thanksgiving mood. 

Exchange gratitude cards

Since you're spending Thanksgiving at work, you can seize this opportunity to express gratitude to your colleagues. Write a heartfelt message to them acknowledging their effort over the year.

This would make them feel appreciated on Thanksgiving day.

Play Thanksgiving-Themed Games

Play some fun Thanksgiving-themed games like gratitude bingo, puzzles, and trivia, or share some riddles and jokes with your colleagues or patients. Activities like this would add some warmth and laughter to your day at work.

Organize a Thanksgiving dish swap

Just because you're going to be working on Thanksgiving doesn't mean you can't have a large Thanksgiving meal. Organize a dish swap by asking your colleagues to bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish to work.  This is a  great way to bond with your colleagues and have a Thanksgiving feast without having to do too much.

Share your Holiday Traditions

Make Thanksgiving memorable by sharing your tradition with your colleagues or patients. Whether it's a unique family recipe or a quirky holiday ritual, share how you celebrate with your family and ask them to share some of their holiday traditions with you. This is a great way to lift your spirits and be in the holiday mood.

Organize a Turkey Trot challenge

Inject a healthy dose of physical activity into the day by engaging in a turkey trot challenge. A turkey trot challenge is a super-friendly challenge that can help you get active during Thanksgiving. Engage your patients and colleagues and see who logs the most steps.

Watch a movie with your colleagues

Watching movies on Thanksgiving is a tradition that many families adopt. You and your colleagues or patients can easily adopt this tradition by creating a mini cinema in your workspace during your free time. All you have to do is select some of your favorite holiday movies, grab some popcorn, and relax. This is a fantastic way to unwind and bring a touch of holiday magic to work.


Being on duty doesn't mean missing out on the Thanksgiving fun. Incorporating these ideas into your workday can turn your workplace into a celebration zone. Remember, the little moments of joy and connection make any day, even a workday, truly special. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Natty Nurses!

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November 23, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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