Top 10 Places To Work As A Nurse

If you are a nurse and considering a change in your place of work, then continue reading this article. It will introduce you to some of the best places where you can work and make a difference in patients’ lives.

1. Public Health Clinics

To be a public health nurse, you must hold a Master of Science in Nursing or a doctorate. They earn up to $59,560 annually, and their major responsibilities include educating the community and providing them with health-related services. They also continuously develop and implement programs that improve the health of the public.

2. Hospitals

Nurses work in hospitals and provide health care for all kinds of patients every day.

They work shifts of about 12-15 hours and enjoy more days off than the regular 9-5 workers.

They earn up to $76,840 annually. Their major responsibility is collaborating with doctors and other hospital staff on patients care. Also, they take care of different patients and perform lab tests, blood samples, and other specimens when necessary.

3. Emergency Rooms

Nurses work with doctors and other nurses during emergencies to stabilize critically ill patients. The nurses in this category must possess strong critical thinking skills to handle complicated situations that might arise at any given time.

They earn up to $69,080 every year, and their responsibilities include stabilizing critically injured patients, administering medication, and maintaining a calm demeanor in high-stress situations.

4. Secondary Schools

A Registered nurse can work as a nurse educator. Nurse educators are in high demand. They teach classes in nursing colleges and training hospitals. These nurses are expected to hold a master's degree, while some institutions require a doctorate.

They earn up to $77,300 annually, and their major responsibilities include developing lessons and lectures, establishing a curriculum, and sharing their professional nursing knowledge.

5. Telehealth

Telecommunication is being incorporated into the healthcare system and causing some nursing jobs to go remote. Telehealth nurses now perform remote patient consultations and write medical journals and research.

They earn up to $64,220 annually and their significant responsibilities include scheduling telehealth meetings with patients and clients and using video technology to assess and treat their patients.

6. Birthing Centers

Nurse midwives work alongside gynecologists and obstetricians to support pregnant women and their unborn children during childbirth. To work in this category, you need a registered nurse license, a graduate degree with a specialty in nurse-midwifery, and a certification from the Midwifery Certification Board as well.

They earn up to $97,787 as annual salary and their major responsibilities are collaborating with other medical professionals in caring for pregnant women, and assessing patients' health information.

7. Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities are among the top ten places where nurses can work. Here, they treat inmates with chronic illnesses and medical emergencies. Working in this type of facility requires physical and mental capacity to handle different challenges that may arise in such an institution.

They earn up to $54,00 annually and their major responsibilities are monitoring inmates' health, assessing and treating injured and sick inmates, and performing drug screenings and lab tests.

8. Law Firms

Registered nurses who work in law offices assist with malpractice suits or legal cases involving healthcare. They help lawyers in reviewing medical records, construct cases, and research medical laws. Law officers prefer to hire registered nurses with paralegal training and some relevant experience. They earn up to $78,070 as annual salary and their major responsibilities are offering medical expertise during legal proceedings and preparing documents and records for court proceedings.

9. Home Healthcare

Home healthcare nurses care for patients' health within the client's homes. They earn up to $67,020 annually and their major responsibilities are administering medications and checking patients' vital signs and general health conditions.

10. Physicians' Offices

Nurses that work in physicians' offices assist the physician in taking patients' vital signs and information, and scheduling appointments. They earn about $57,940 as annual salary and their major responsibilities are helping physicians treat patients, scheduling appointments, and gathering lab samples.


As a nurse, you don’t have to worry about where to work after graduation, as many options are available.

May 12, 2023

Natasha Osei

Passionate Nurse Practitioner | People person
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